For my 24-day project, I will be creating video and photo content for social media using 4 different brands. I am posting it on my social media to view. The first week is Kodiak Cakes.


Day 1:

Here is my process: 
For this post, I made sure to first have natural light. This makes a huge difference if you are wanting to photograph something. I started off setting my camera on a tripod and adjusting the settings. I used a manual focus because the camera lens would shift every time I held the shutter. I then set the scene on the wood and made the pancakes. After that, I took a picture of the pancakes plain. I then, poured syrup on them and took another picture. Then, I proceeded to take photos of each bite I took. I took around 15 different photos in the end. Placing the camera on a tripod allowed the photo to stay the same and to stabilize the photos. After the photos were done, I took them into lightroom where I cropped and edited them the exact same. I copied the settings for the crop, so the crop was the same in all the photos and I did not have to adjust them all manually. If I changed the crop on my own for each picture, it would be impossible to get it the exact same size. After editing the photos, I exported them in high resolution to a movie making software. I placed the images in there in order and made them all .5s a piece. I exported the movie as a file to my computer and then posted it on instagram. I wrote a caption to go along with the video and tagged the company in it. I am happy how it turned out.

Day 2:

Stop-motion video using Kodiak Muffins. Kodiak reached out to me and have been sharing my stuff on their social media, which is way cool! For this day, there was not a lot of light because it was storming so I used a lower shutter speed to capture the image with enough light. I bought a piece of wooden decor from Walmart and used that as my base. I made the muffins, set the scene, and took around 25 different photos. I then, edited them and placed them into movie software where I made them into 5s clips. I am happy how this one turned out. I wanted to make it fun and show case their muffins! Its a party for muffins.

Day 3:

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How high can you stack it?! #kodiakcakes

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Today, I am still working with Kodiak Cakes. I made their dar chocolate pancakes and all I can say is YUM. I had a challenge with my light sources because I was using natural light but it kept wanting to change on me. All in all I’m happy how this turned out and I got some sweet product shots as well. Ill paste in the comments below my editing process and set up. 


 Day 4:

Today, I wanted to capture a steam photo of the pancakes because they always have a ton coming off of it. After doing some research I was ready to try it. Sadly, there was not enough light and steam and I couldn’t get it how I wanted too. I took this photo on a tripod and bumped up the ISO. Started to get frustrated, I thought of other ways I could produce steam. I tried boiling a cup of water and that still didn’t work. So, I made steam in photoshop. I used the brush tool to create a look of steam and changed the opacity and blending modes. I was happy how it turned out! I also burned a lot of the background to make it darker so you could see the steam more. If you click on my Instagram, you’ll be able to see the before and after! 

Day 5: Today, it was nice and bright this morning so I was able to capture really good lighting. After making the waffles and setting up the scene, I took around 10 different shots. i only needed to use an ISO of 400 and my shutter was around 1/100. In post, I edited my photos, to only learn the square crop cut off a lot of the items I had set up. Not to get worried, I cropped it more to make it look like there was nothing on the sides. I placed it to make a movie an then downloaded it and posted it on Instagram.


Day 6: I finished this before class time on Tuesday, but I am happy how it turned out. I placed a process video of my editing. I really worked on making sure each frame lined up and didn’t have as much accidental movement. Let me know what you think I can do to improve or if you have any ideas for a flat lay. My next project is Oreos.