For this project, we were asked to create 4-6 icons that relays a single message. As I was brainstorming, I tried to think about what I really love. I decided that the beach was my favorite getaway and I should make an icon set about a day at a tropical beach.

For the project requirements, I needed to use illustrator and create from scratch 4-6 consistent icons without any text, gradients, drop shadows, pixels or raster effects.


My audience that I targeted was people who were a beach lover and wanted to feel like they are on the beach for the day. The images are intended for those who play on the beach and do certain activities or see certain tropical objects. The images are for a tropical location.

My message that I am conveying is taking people back to a time when they had a playful day at the beach. The icons have brighter colors and fun shapes, allowing the viewer to feel excited when looking at them.


My design is very consistent in color. Any color that had a darker shade, was created by using the same color and bringing down the Brightness slider on the HSB scale. The same colors were also used in the set. The leaves of the palm trees and the leaves on the pineapple were the same color. The coconuts in the palm tree were also the same color as the main coconut icon. This also ties in with using repetition with the same colors throughout. Contrast was also created in the design by using different shades and tints. Using these elements, helped enhance my design by creating them to be more dimensional as well as making them all look consistent.


My icons are: Coconut, Palm Tree, Pineapple, Seashell and a Surfboard.


The first icon of my set is the coconut. The colors are all different shades of the same brown. There is no strokes on the outside of the coconut or inside of the coconut. The design used a series of all circles, and the inside of the coconut, I made a circle, then added anchor points and moved the shape to form it.


The second icon is the Palm Tree. I traced the leaves from a sketch I drew, each one being the same leaf. The truck was used with a rectangle tool and changing up the anchor points. I added the triangles on the side of the truck to give it a more realistic texture. palm-tree.png

The third icon is the Surfboard. To make the surfboard I traced a drawing I had done with the pen tool. The shading was created by cutting out half of the board and adding anchor points. The shadow under was created by copying the surfboard shape and placing it underneath with a darker shade of the same blue.


The fourth icon is the Pineapple. This one was created by first making a single hexagon shape and creating the spikes of the pineapple. I then converted it into a a patter with the help of my instructor showing me how. I overlapped the hexagons and then scaled them down to a good size. For the leaves, they are made out of triangles, then using the warp method, I could easily manipulate the angles of them. I added some shading to give the pineapple some more dimension. The same green is used in the pineapple and palm tree.


The last icon is the Seashell. I used the spiral tool to get the shape of the shell, then took off the stroke. To make the stroke on the inside, I made a smaller spiral with a white stroke no fill, and laid it right on top of the shell.  The shading was done by taking two circles on top of each other and cutting out the main shape with the shape builder tool.