The first photo was taken at the jail. I used a 50 mm lens to capture more of a portrait, and I asked the model to show emotion. In post, I desaturated the photo to make it have an eerie feeling. I also used the adjustment brush to smooth out her skin and enhance her eyes. To clear up her face,  I used the Spot Removal tool to remove the blemishes on her skin.

This shot was taken at the hotel. I got low to the ground and to the side so you are able to see both of the models in the frame. I then edited this in post by upping the clarity, vibrance, and shadows and lowering the highlights.


This shot was taken near the hotel, using a bench to stand on. I took a shot before with the bench and then a bracketed exposure after the models were not in the frame. I combined the exposures in Lightroom using Photo Merge. I then took it into Photoshop, where I layered the photo of the models on top. I added a layer mask, and used my brush tool to mask out the bench as well as the rest of the photo that was edited, just keeping the models in the mask. 

This second photo, a couple of us went way in the back of the town to find where they used to lynch people. Although this photo is dreary, it really shows the history that happened at Bannack. For this photo, he stood on a stool. After getting the shot of him, I bracketed the empty shot. Then, in post I used the photo merge to get the bracketed photos together. I increased the clarity, exposure and desaturated it. Then, took it into photoshop, created a new layer with the model in it and masked the stood and the rope out of the scene, as well as the background. This is how it turned out.


This shot was taken inside of the hotel where the staircase is. I used a tripod and had my settings to a slow shutter speed. Since it was bright in the room, I upped my f-stop to f/22 to compensate for all the light going in. In post, I cropped it, upped the exposure a tad and added some vibrance.


This photo is a log found on the ground. The photo was harder to achieve, since I was so close to the subject of the moss, I needed to use manual focus. After several tries, I was able to get the moss clear and crisp. I zoomed my lens as well to add a nice bokeh to the background. In post, I changed the hues of the green and added clarity. I really love this photo because the little details do matter.


This photo is taken in the Doctors home on the bedside table. I wanted to photography it here because typically this is where you would see glasses if they are off of someone. In post, I cropped/straightened the photo and then made it warmer. I added contrast to the photo as well. I, then, went into photoshop to add the text and the logo.