In this first photo, I took it using bracketing. Then, in post, I merged the photos together in Lightroom and created a HDR effect. I raised the clarity and adjusted the color slides-blue and green- to make more vibrant and saturated.

This photo was taken inside a large home near the church. I loved the windows and the wallpaper so I decided to take a bracketing shot with this photo as I sat on the ground. In Lightroom, I used the photo merge tool to create the HDR effect and to keep the landscape outside of the windows.  The photo was dark, so I raised the exposure and increased the vibrance. I also dehazed the photo because the windows created it.

This photo was taken at the shack in the back of the town. I used bracketing and then combined the shots in Lightroom. I then used a gradient filter to have the sky looking more blue. I used the HSL sliders to change the hue of the sky and the grass. I increased the clarity and exposure to show off the wood grain.

This photo was taken in the saloon of one of the models hands. While everyone was shooting his face, I wanted to capture a different shot with his fun rings on. In post, I upped the vibrance, contrast and warmth.

In this shot of this little home, I used bracketing. In post, I merged the photos in Lightroom and then used the HSL sliders to increase the saturation and change the hue of the sky and grass. I enhanced the house by adding clarity and raising the shadows.

I really love this shot, I went way back into the woods along the river to find this barbwire hung on the gate. In post, I went into photoshop and made it Black and White. When doing so, I adjusted the sliders to enhance the certain colors. I added contrast and clarity to bring out the wood texture.

This shot was taken at the front of the town past the gate along the river. I used bracketing to set up the shot, then in post merged the photos together. Then, I used the gradient tool to create a blue sky and changed the HSL sliders to make the grass green.

This last shot was taken in the back of the town. In post, I upped the vibrance and clarity to bring out the wood texture as well as increase the contrast. In photoshop, I edited the window because there was a white stripe running across it and it was distracting.