I have been following The Devines – Somewhere Devine for over a year, and I have loved the type of content they produce.

Here is a link to their page to get a feel for their brand: https://www.somewheredevine.com/

What is the main purpose of the brand?

The main purpose for the brand is to influence others to travel to different places. They are known for going to countries all over the world and showing their trips they take. They are influencing others to go on trips and to explore the world.

Who is the audience for the brand?

The audience for the brand is ages 21-45. They are a family oriented brand, and they travel with their family. The audience likes/loves family and travel. These are the two main things the audience enjoys. The audience likes the outdoors, video, youtube, exploring, adventure, wholesome entertainment.

How does the brand connect with the audience?

The brand connects with the audience through the personal vlogs and videos on their youtube channel. They also interact with the audience through social media and post on their stories a lot. They are an ordinary family living in Utah so the audience is able to feel like they are on their level. They buy cheaper plane tickets and travel for a good deal. They use their family to connect and allow the audience to get to know their family.

What value does the brand provide to their audience?

The value the brand provides is happiness. I would say their main purpose for the brand is to bring happiness to the audience. The audience also receives great ideas on how to travel to different places in the world and knows what to do. They create a travel guide for those who want to visit where they have visited. They provide the value principle of story. They give the audience a story to watch through their videos and is entertainment for them.

How does the brand’s design connect and communicates with the audience?

The brands design connects through the audience because they target families and mothers who are 25-45 through their branding design. Their design is modern and simple. They have a cursive logo which is cute and fun and draws people in. The brand communicates fun and making memories with your family.