Shallow Depth of Field

I love this shot I was able to capture. It was taken at the LDS temple grounds in Rexburg ,ID. The sun was setting and I was able to get the sun flare since the sun was low to the ground. I kept my lens wide open so I was able to produce the bokeh.

Flowers: 05-13-18; 8:23pm; Rexburg LDS Temple; f/1.8; 1/2500; Canon t4i

This one was taken in Porter Park. I really wanted just him in focus and the rest of the background in blur. I got a bit of the sun in the photo to make it look more interesting.

Porter Park: 05-13-18; 7:30pm; Porter Park, Rexburg; f/1.8; 1/1250; Canon t4i

This next photo is of my friends cat, Piper. She likes to sit in the window sill so I was able to capture in her natural environment. I kept the shutter speed faster because I was in a hard to get to place and was holding my camera.

Piper Cat: 05-15-18; 5:30pm; Lincoln Park; f/1.8, 1/250; Canon t4i

Deep Depth of Field

These photos were taken at Beaver Dick, right before a storm was about to hit. These are the images I was able to capture. I made my aperture go to f/22 so I could capture the building in the back as well and Snake river and tree line. I wanted to make sure they were crisp. I brought along a tripod, so I could capture a clear photo.

Beaver Dick: 05-12-18; 5pm; Beaver Dick, Rexburg; f/22; 1/20; Canon t4i; Tripod

Snake River: 05-12-18; 4:30pm; Beaver Dick, Rexburg; f/20; 1/60; Canon t4i; Tripod