After taking a Flower Arranging class in college, I fell in love with flowers. Since, I am passionate about flowers, I made a DIY icon set showing all the tools you need to make a beautiful arrangement. I wanted it to show the tools needed, but as well the different type of flowers you can put together to make a piece.


I started off sketching my ideas. I first started off with an idea of how the item looked like, and then I went into a more detailed or precise look.

After sketching, I threw the sketch into Illustrator and used my sketches to trace over. I really wanted to get a simple feel and try not to add a ton of detail to the icons, unless needed.


When making my icons, I wanted to make a rule to have no strokes in the set as well as simple colors and a consistent look. I made all the tools have the same color handle, as well as the extra needed materials have the same color blue (other than the ones that needed to be a certain way, I wanted to focus on getting the right color.) I wanted to have repetition in the icons by creating the same colors for some of the icons. The way I created depth, was only by adding shading and highlighting. I created the shapes with the shape builder tool most of the time, I also used the pencil tool and sketched over the tulip.


 I created 6 icons as a rough draft. I wanted to create a contrast in the background so I decided to make a green circle in the background to show the contrast between the design. I really believe it helps the icons stand out. When doing the draft, I really did not like how the flower was turning out, something was just off about it.


So, I kept designing the flower in different ways. I looked at more pictures of gerber daisies, and the petals were much smaller than I had put originally. With the petals, I shrunk them down to a thinner size, and rotated it by 360/20 to make more petals. I wanted to add some contrast, so I made some shading on the petals. That ended up still looking off.

After trying to think of a better way to do it, I met with my professor who helped me to shade the petals in a different way than what I was doing. I created the shading and placed it on the flower petal, then used the rotate key. I also changed the center to have some shading rather than two different colors. Doing this created contrast between the petals and allows the petals to take a shape. I am happy how the daisy ended up. 


I am very happy how the icons turned out. After many many hours of working on the icons, they show off exactly what I was going for in my head. I ended up scrapping the idea of the babies breath, it was not turning iconic and capturing the look of the other icons, so I created a floral tape instead and I feel like everything fits very nicely. I will treasure these icons and it will be a reminder of my fun times I had in college.