I had a great time learning how to use macro filters. I was able to capture this image of a bee on a flower outside of the Spori. I used a zoom lens at 85mm and a 4x macro filter to get up close and personal with the bees. The bees would move in a split second so it was awesome to capture this bee so good. The photo was taken into Lightroom to enhance the color temp to a more yellow temp. I also increase the contrast, clarity and the exposure. I also used the HSL sliders to turn down the saturation of the green flowers and added more yellow in the hue.  I took it into Photoshop where used a mask to  sharpen the bee a lot to get a crisp focus. I chose this image because I was drawn to the bee. I loved the simplicity of the photo as well as the colors that were brought out.

This is the original photo.