We all know how to lose a guy in 10 days, but why say no when you can say yes? Why not gain a guy in 10 days? We have spoken with experts here at BYU-Idaho that have sealed the deal.  We would like you to be just as successful in finding the apple of your eye, butter to your toast, frosting to your cake.


***This is a parody. Some of these things are true, but have been stretched a little bit to be made funny. *** Everyone should get engaged in their own time, not based off a quick timeline. 

Day 1: Find a “Kinda” Cute Person

How are you supposed to get married if you have not met your soul mate? Day one is all about getting out and meeting “the one”. Here are a few ways you can find your other half:

  •    Do you believe in love at first swipe? Swipe up on all connections on Mutual. Some might say you’re desperate when you go onto a dating app, but let’s be honest, you kind of are.
  •     Sit next to someone you fancy in class. Target, aim, and fire! Why else would we go to class?
  •   Scan for someone “kind of” cute at a dance.
  • · Set yourself up and spike your way into love. Join a sports team!

Pick what works for you and get a move on to Day 2.

Day 2: Devo Dates are KEY

This is the time to pull the moves!  You wear your best clothes to impress them and give them the false hope that you are rich.  It’s also the time to impress them with your intellect and observation skills by turning everything the speaker is talking about to the topic of marriage.  Take notes so your date thinks you are studious and sophisticated, even if it’s just doodles.

Day 3: The Real Date

Now that they think you are rich and smart, the real date is the time to lead them to starting a relationship.  Use this time for personality mirroring. Whatever they like you like, whatever they hate you hate. You get the picture. Tell stories that put you in a good light, regardless if they are true. Take every interesting story that you heard and make it sound like it happened to you.


Day 4: Be Become Facebook Official

Alright, so you have gone on your first date and things are starting to look serious. By this point you have already Facebook stalked your date thousands of times, showing your friends who they are, and you feel you are ready to make your move. The key to any successful and lasting relationship is to let all of your Facebook friends know that you are dating someone. It has been said, “If you aren’t Facebook official, are you even dating?” Send the request and BOOM you got yourself a new boy/girlfriend!

Source: NEISD Scholastic Journalism

Day 5: Temple Date

Now you are Facebook official. You are living on cloud nine! All your friends and family keep messaging you about this special someone who is now in your life. Your smile is so big, not even a chainsaw could take it off. Now you are ready for the next step in your relationship. Everyone knows that in order to have a future with a special someone you need to take them to the temple. Better sooner than later. When you go to the temple, you both will feel peace, and feel good about being with each other. This is an important step, most people will confuse the spirit of the temple with thinking that you’re the one that they are suppose to be with for eternity. Now you have them right where you want them, and they are ready to think of the big picture with you in their lives.

Source: LDS.org

Day 6: Take Them to Meet Your Family

The spark is there and you know they’re temple worthy. The next major step is meeting the family. Family approval is so important! You need to make sure they fit in well and that you fit in with their family because, after all, they will be your family. If you’re dating someone from an international location, use technology! Don’t let distance and time weigh you down. Skype or Facetime is a great option! Queue “Home to Mama” by Justin Bieber.

Day 7: Watch a Nicholas Spark Movie & Take Notes

It’s a match between you and the families. Things are getting really serious and you need to drop some hints about how you want this relationship to play out. No worries. Nicholas Sparks movies have got you covered. It speaks of the good and the bad, which you’ll face. So, sit down, take some notes, and get ready for Day 8.

Day 8: Ring Shopping

The ring is the big step and you have make sure you get the right ring. Find out who is her best friend and befriend her because every girl tells tell best what kind of ring they want, want kind of wedding dress they want. Once you find out what kind of ring she likes, hunt for the ring until you find. Make sure not think about the price, because you will be broke no matter what, for a while.

Source: Hamra Jewelers

Day 9: Buy a Love Fern

The final step to seal the deal. If they don’t let your love fern die (in one day…you can do it) you know they’re the one. Focus on growing your love while taking care of the fern, and make sure they understand if the fern dies, you die. If you can make this day, you know they’re the one.

Source: Pinterest

Day 10: Get Engaged

The final step is to find the perfect spot make sure you have something romantic set up. Put fancy clothes on, get fresh haircut, make sure you got photographer or people who can take pictures and video. This has be a perfect moment so make sure you practice in the mirror few times on how to propose. Watch Titanic or Notebook and takes notes of romanticism. Final step is to find the perfect moment and say the magical word, “Will you marry me?”  

Source: Lenoce


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