New Year, New You

The new year is a good time to start fresh and renew yourself. Many people have New Years Resolutions. This year, make a resolution to better your self confidence. This year, I wanted to start of the new year gaining a better self confidence. Starting that, I decided to take on a new year challenge called New Year, New You. It is a total of 30 days, to help you get back in the swing of a healthy lifestyle. It was created by a lady on instagram who is a fitness trainer @iheartmarcos. I am doing it with my husbands aunts to have support.

The Past

In the past when I was in high school, I have struggled with my self image and feeling like I am not pretty enough. After deciding that I did not want to feel that way anymore, I lost 25 lbs. I saw myself spark up, and start to really feel confident. This is what worked for me.

This was me freshman year of high school versus senior year.

You are Beautiful

Many people think that they have to be super skinny or have the perfect car or house, and that is not true. Although, I lost weight, I lost enough to feel comfortable but not to be overly skinny. I couldn’t fit into size 0 jeans or an x-small shirt. But, I was totally okay with that. I didn’t care to fit. I felt beautiful just the way I was. And you are beautiful too.  Don’t listen to what people are telling you, or what you hear.

Find Your Way

My way to feel confident is to get my body healthy. Never have I ever been skinny or a super model weight, but that doesn’t matter to me. As long as my body has been cleaned from crappy foods and I am working out regularly, I feel so confident. Your way may be to dress up, do your hair, buy pretty flowers, getting to know yourself or even the most simple answer: think positive. Find a way that makes you feel healthy and beautiful.

Eating healthy, but still delicious foods is my way. I have found my confidence in a healthy lifestyle. 

Challenge Yourself

Like stated before, I found my confidence by healthy living. After the holidays, I was feeling a little overwhelmed on all the junk food I ate so I wanted to give myself a challenge. Currently, I am doing the New Year, New You challenge, and I have already felt so much cleaner and healthier. It is hard, but its so worth it. I want to challenge you to find your way to gain your self confidence, whatever way that may be. Find a friend to do it with you!

And remember: THE BEST GIFT IS YOU!