Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

How do you look at something? There are many different ways to look at a task, scenario or photo. It all depends on how you want to view it. I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to think outside-of-the-box to come up with new ways to look at the scene. When I first arrived on the scene, I had a way different vision in mind. I planned to take photos of the river down below but realizing I could not make it down their safely, I found this scene along the path. I decided my subject to be the yellow flowers. This first photo is my favorite. I love the angle I shot it at, as well as the blur in the foreground. It keeps drawing your eye to the road as you follow the flowers.

This second photo was actually not as crisp. After I edited it in Lightroom, I took it into photoshop. I created a mask and chose smart sharpen filter. Here I was able to over sharpen the focal point adding a clear and crisp flower (subject).

Here I used a tripod and shot at a wide angle with a narrow aperture to allow more of the background to be in focus. Then, I edited it in Lightroom/Photoshop adjusting the clarity and sliders. I wanted my subject (yellow flowers) to be seen as the way someone would see them walking by.

In this photo, I wanted to blur out my subject, the flowers. I went to a tree nearby and decided to shoot the leaves in focus (wide aperture) , but keep the flowers in blur. I like how this turned out as you can still see the flowers with the pop of yellow the provide. In post, I edited it in lightroom/photoshop and adjusted the sliders and temp.

This photo was a fun shot, I wanted to have the flowers (subject) be way smaller than everything around them. I used the trees to show a comparison of how small the flowers were. To take this, I bracketed the shot because I did not want to blow out the sky. I went low to the ground and took three shots. In post, I used photo merge to bring the photos together. I was happy I bracketed this because the sky would have turned out white. I, then, adjusted the sliders to make it warm and vibrant.

I really like this shot. It is different than a normal flower (subject) shot because to take this I had my camera on the ground looking up to the sky. I used the flip out screen to see what I was taking a photo of. I like this because I am always reminded to look up and see the beauty. In post, I edited the exposure and brought out the colors, and used the gradient filter to make the sky more blue.

There was this cool tree right next to the flowers (subject) that I did not notice at first, but the I saw the cool lines it gave leading down to the flowers. In post, I edited the highlights and whites to go down more and then brought up the warmth.

This photo captures the human side of the landscape. I quickly shot this as a biker was going by. The path is used as a walking trail so people would walk by time to time. I made sure to capture my subject, the flowers, in the shot as well because when people go by, they notice them. In post, I edited the clarity and warmth and sharpened the image a bit.

This photo was taken low to the ground, and I wanted to have the flowers in the rule of thirds section so your eye is drawn to it. I used a texture to lay over this. In photoshop, I placed the texture on the photo and turned the opacity to 70%. I used the muliptly blending mode to create this nice dark texture, then added a layer mask and masked out my flowers (subject) to keep them as a focal point.