We went shooting out by R mountain this weekend, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a fast motion shot. I turned the shutter way up, to be able to capture the casing coming out of the gun. I stood about two feet away from my friend, and quickly clicked the shutter many times as he was shooting. I love how this turned out!

Bullet: 05-05-18; 4:30pm; Rexburg-Menan Buttes; f/4; 1/1600; Canon T4i

This other photo, I wanted to capture a water droplet, because I think it is so neat to be able to capture something so quick and freeze it. This was taken at our house, at our sink. I let the sink drip so one drop was coming out of it every so often, then I kept taking pictures as it was dripping.

Water Droplet: 05-07-18; 7pm; Rexburg; f/1.8; 1/500; Canon T4i



Man, I had fun with the slow shutter speed. I really enjoyed taking all the photos, and I want to do more!

The first one, I took of my husband later in the evening, right before the sun was going to go down. I needed it not to be as bright outside so I did not have to worry about the photo getting over exposed. I took about 50 shots to get this one shot. It took awhile, but with my husbands patience, I was able to capture a very cool panning photo. I moved my body lower to the ground, keeping my hands steady, only moving my hips. This allowed me to have a more stable photo.

Panning Skateboard: 05-06-18; 7:50pm; f/22; 1/10; Canon T4i

The next photos, I took near my cousins house. There is a little stream by their apartment and I was able to get some blur motion shots with the stream flowing. I sat my camera down on a rock right near the stream to get the angle. Then set it to a really slow shutter to capture the blur in the water. The second one, I am really drawn too. Something about the cement being in the photo makes it different.

Stream: 05-06-16; 8pm; Rexburg- Pioneer Road; f/22; 0.3; Canon T4i

Water Stream: 05-06-18; 8:05pm; Rexburg-Pioneer Road; f/22; 0.6; Canon T4i

The last one, I wanted to do some night photography. I went on the main road near my house to take some car trial light photos. I took about 20 shots, 15 seconds each, but I was happy how some of them turned out. It took a lot of tries, because I had to wait for enough cars to come into the photo.

Car Light Trail: 05-07-18; 9:30pm; Rexburg-S Yellowstone HWY; f/7.1; 15.0; Canon T4i-Tripod