My task was to create a photorealistic timepiece of anything I wanted as long as it had working parts. As I was scrolling through the shopping page of Google, I couldn’t find one particular watch that fit my style. So, I found one that was close to it, but I wanted a more simple watch. I found another watch that had the numbers as ticks and it made the simplicity of the watch really help. I was in love with the blue leather because I feel like that is very different and you don’t see it a lot. I wanted to combine these two watches in some sort and create my own that I would actually want to wear. 


When I was sketching, I was trying to really focus on the dial, the hands and the lug, I wanted to make sure to get those simple details down because I know if one of them were off, it would not make the watch look as good. I also focused on the shading of the gold watch face and what I needed to do to create such a gradient.


When I first started, I was a little overwhelmed on how much work I was needing to do for the watch. I had spent already a good amount creating the basic shapes and gradients for the watch, and I knew I had a long way to go.

I then focused on the stitching of the watch, and working on the face. It still didnt look right, something was off. I needed to add more shadow to make the face look like it is inside of the gold ring. I wanted to add some leather texture to the band as well, so it did not look as plain.


I decided not to work on my watch on Sunday because I wanted to be able to look at the watch with a new point of view. I discovered that when you take a break and then come back to it, even if it is a couple hours, it allows you to see new things that you missed that needed to be added to the watch.

With the break, I was able to see that my lugs needed to be changed, and the stitching needed to look a little less fake.The color was changed to a darker color so it would blend in better. I also was able to see that the gold face needed to have highlights on it as well as shadows, because before I was just adding shadows. That made a huge difference in the look of the watch.


The final week, I spent a long time working on my watch, I would average about 5 hours a day. I would catch myself in a daze when I was editing it for 3 hours or longer…I got some critique back from my watch and it was super helpful.

I changed up my stitching to make it look more realistic by adding shading and gradients as well as changed the dial. I wanted to incorporate more of the other watch into my design since it is very simple so the new dial I made is from the other rose gold watch.

This is my completed watch, although it is not perfect I am very happy of how it turned out. Making this into photorealistic was a very hard task for me, but I got the hang of it the more I did it. With all my hard work, I will always treasure the watch. Plus, knowing that I can do this, helps me to know that I can create anything in illustrator.