I decided to enter my photos into the Montana Stake Park Photo Contest. These are the two photos I chose, and placed them in two different categories. One in the native culture, and the other in the camping section, since this was along a river.

To enter, the photos needed to be sized under 9 megabytes and without watermarks. I removed the watermarks and sized them correctly when I entered. These images were both taken at Bannack and I used bracketing to expose them correctly.

The Montana State Park contest is for anyone who has visited one of the parks over the summer. Lots of families are posting their times at the parks. I chose this contest because I thought I had some nice images that I wanted to share. I wanted to also win a guided tour to Glacier national park. I think that would be way cool to go to!

These are the links to the photos I entered:



I entered on July 2nd, 2018.