I really enjoyed this project. It was so neat to know that you can take these photos with a macro filter that is so cheap! I used a 4x filter, with manual focus and a lens with 85mm zoom to capture these images. Also, I am a flower enthusiast, so I cannot help but add lots of photos of flowers. All the photos I took, had the main spot sharp, but I used photoshop to just enhance the image.

Macro Photos

This first photo was taken outside in daylight. I took many pictures to capture this photo of a bee on a flower. The bees would fly quickly, so you had to be quick to focus to capture them. Out in the daylight, I changed my ISO to 200 since it was bright outside. In post, I adjusted the colors of the photo and then took it into photoshop to use the sharpen brush to make the bee sharper.

This photo was taken indoors under some continuous lights. I love the watercolor feel the photo created. The center was a bit dark so I brightened it up in post to make it stand out. I also adjusted the colors to make it warmer.

This photo was taken with one continuous light shining on the side of the vintage camera. I got really close and focused me camera on the lens portion. In post, I adjusted the color to make it warmer and then took it into photoshop to make the dial sharper.

This photo was taken inside with a continuous light source. In post, I darkened the strawberry to make it fall more into the background and then sharpened the side of the kiwi in photoshop. I really love the simplicity of this photo.

In this photo, I wanted to get some depth of field. This was taken under a continuous light but with the bowl in the foreground. With the depth of field, it added a nice bokeh to the background as well. In post, I sharpened the jewels (sharpest point) in photoshop and warmed it up.

Water Droplet Macro Photos

This photo is my favorite of the photos I took. I love how beautiful a rose is. This photo was taken under continuous lights, allowing all the right spots of the rose to be exposed. In post, I made the rose vibrant and in photoshop made the water droplets sharper.

This photo was taken with a button under continuous light. I sprayed water droplets on it to create the look. In post, I added more warmth and took it into photoshop to make it sharper using the sharpen sponge.

This photo I love because it is unique. Typically, people tend to focus on the center of the flower but I wanted it to be more abstract and focus on the outside pedals. I was able to capture a crisp view of the water droplets with continuous light. This flower was not close to the light so I had to bump up the ISO to 800. In post, I made it more vibrant and upped the warmth. I then took it into photoshop and made the water a tad sharper.

This last photo was taken in continuous light. The water droplet was large, so I was able to focus on that for the main subject. This flower was close to a light so I brought the ISO to 200. Then, in post, I made it warmer and used the sharpen tool to make the water droplet sharp.