Ah, the stickers project.For the project we needed to create three stickers that were at least 3 inches and they needed to belong in a set. This task was harder than I anticipated. I had thought that oh, I only need 3 stickers; I should get them done in a jiffy. But, I hit a stump.


When I first started to brainstorm, I played the word game where I had to come up with a word every three seconds. I tried to relate the words to who I am as a person. I ended up with a lot of activities that I enjoyed. I started to draw the words I came up, and as I was drawing it formulated into dogs skiing, two of my favorite things. But, when I put that into illustrator, I didn’t really like how it was turning out. I wanted to come up with a different idea.

A new idea?

So, then I thought it would be cool to make stickers that I could potentially sell for my Dads resort business. I thought of some icons that were relating to the lake so I sketched them and put them into illustrator. I did not like how these were turning out as well. I wanted to do something more creative. I scratched that idea, and went back to the drawing board.


As I was scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, an idea came to my mind. I loved the show Vampire diaries, but I wanted to do a play off of the creatures in the show. I thought about doing a hipster vibe to the iconic figures that they wouldn’t normally do. That is when it struck me and I started to sketch.


On a late Sunday night, I came up with a vampire sticking its tongue out, a witch with a nose ring, and werewolf doing a peace sign. I put my ideas into illustrator for a very rough sketch.


Gaining feedback

After getting feedback on it on Monday, I started to formulate the tongue better so it came from the back of the throat rather than just looking like it was placed on top of the tongue. I also worked on the nose. The zit was moved so there would not be a tangent.


After more feedback, I changed the nose to green so you would think of it more as a witch nose and worked on it some more. Then, I changed the strokes to have a certain profile and removed the unnecessary strokes. It made a world of difference to change the look of the strokes, and added some highlights on the stickers.


The Final Product

Meeting with my professor helped me nail down my final design. I removed the strong highlights on the lips, changed the fingers to make it more natural and made the teeth more realistic. I am happy on how they have turned out. I hope when people look at them, they think about how creative they are and that they are funny/not typical because how often do you see a werewolf doing a peace sign. I had a lot of fun making these stickers.